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Antibacterial Humidifier 4L



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Antibacterial Humidifier 4L

(28 customer reviews)


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Antibacterial Humidifier 4L

MIJIA Intelligent Sterilization Humidifier Main Features

* 4L large-capacity water tank, Add water from the top to make it easier.

* 280ML add appropriate amount per hour.

* Continue to run for 36 hours to avoid repeated water addition.

* Silver ion antibacterial material. and the antibacterial rate reaches 99%.

* Work quietly, work noise 38db *.

* The water mist height exceeds 50 cm.

* Large-diameter water tank design, It’s easier to clean.

* Double protection system, it will automatically stop working.

Detailed parameters

MIJIA Humidifier 4L

Add water from the top of the humidifier, 280ML / h humidification amount,

Silver ion antibacterial, quiet operation. Antibacterial Humidifier 4L

Add water from the top to make it easier

You can add water directly from the top of the humidifier,

the water tank can be disassembled, cleaning is more convenient. Antibacterial Humidifier 4L

Mijia humidifier (add water from the top) VS traditional humidifier. Antibacterial Humidifier 4L

It won’t wet the desktop, it’s just in the air.

The high-frequency ultrasonic atomizing sheet vibrates at a high speed of 1.7 million times per second,

turning water droplets into water mist.

Only keep delicate water mist directly into the air through the air duct,

The water mist height exceeds 50 cm. Antibacterial Humidifier 4L

More fog, continued to humidify throughout the day.

4L large-capacity water tank, 280ML add appropriate amount per hour,

increase humidity by 9% per hour, quickly relieve drying,

Continue to run for 36 hours to avoid repeated water addition. Antibacterial Humidifier 4L

Silver ion antibacterial material.

The water tank and the base contain silver ion materials,

which can effectively inhibit the production of bacteria, and the antibacterial rate reaches 99%. Antibacterial Humidifier 4L

Work quietly.

It can reduce the flow noise of large particles of water mist, optimize the design of the air duct, reduce the fan noise, and work noise 38db *.

The indicator light is soft and does not hurt your eyes in the dark night. Give you a comfortable sleep.

1, Silent

2. Quiet room.

3. The sound of light rain

4. Talking voice.

5. The working sound of Mijia humidifier. Antibacterial Humidifier 4L

Large-diameter water tank design

It’s easier to clean.

The diameter of the water tank is 14cm, tookfun.

Easy to clean, the rounded internal structure avoids dirt. Antibacterial Humidifier 4L

Double protection system, Safe humidification is more assured.

After the water tank is lifted, it will automatically stop working

When there is no water, it will automatically stop working.

Orange indicator light indicates lack of water,

Safe and reliable. Antibacterial Humidifier 4L

Rotate the button to adjust the mode

Low mode, medium mode, high mode. Antibacterial Humidifier 4L

The design is light and convenient.

Diameter 18CM, height 31cm Antibacterial Humidifier 4L

Detail design.

Small water storage box, This will prevent the growth of bacteria.

Waterproof membrane groove to balance the air pressure of the water tank. Antibacterial Humidifier 4L

Ultrasonic welding technology, Improve product tightness, Reduce bacterial crack production.

Semi-closed air inlet, Reduce internal moisture. Antibacterial Humidifier 4L

28 reviews for Antibacterial Humidifier 4L

  1. Y***a

    Я довольна. Стильный, удобный увлажнитель. За полчаса подумает влажность на 10% Пишут что безшумный. Не знаю, шумит как обычный увлажнитель.

  2. Shopper

    Awesome thing. Cheaper than in the store… This is a version without Wi-Fi. completely satisfied. Like all Xiaomi products (well and Mijia) minimalism in design …. Works for All %. Ultrasound grinds water on steam …. Awesome …. Молниеносно moisturizes the room.

  3. r***r

    Ordered delivery from the Russian Federation, as always, sdek drove for a long time, about 10 days. The humidifier is about as much as deerma, maybe a little better in quality, I hope it will last longer, the previous lived a year.

  4. J***S

    The parcel came on time as a seller promised when buying!
    Tried, works fine! Quiet, almost slow! For their money, a very good product! Recommend.

  5. A***u

    I just received it..good humidifier..I will order again later. but I prefer English instruction. anyway it’s Okey..It’s so easy to operate..thank you so much..

  6. M***x

    I waited for a month, delivered it exactly on time)) the packing is good, everything is intact! Of the shortcomings-the plug is not European, but in the box there was an adapter. Works fine) when the water ends the red lights on the body. Focused on reviews and was pleased with the purchase)

  7. A***a

    Delivery took almost a month and a half. Everything is well packed. Its function performs perfectly. Adjustable air supply power. Finally, I can sleep with him normally. Big water tank.

  8. T***n

    Went a month, there was no tracking, yesterday called sdek and today brought home. Works quietly, everything gets tired. The seller did not answer the messages.

  9. O***r

    Great product, super silent or seems connected, excellent vasão, recommend.

  10. v***f

    Turned on, started from the first second, until everything is clear,

  11. M***t

    Long no shipping information, then long shipping, 37 days without tracking. Courier cdek brought to the house.
    Assembly is elementary, although the instruction is only in Chinese. Everything works, at maximum mode quietly bulls, the engine is almost not heard. Bucket quality

  12. D***v

    Looks super. I didn’t.

  13. A***y

    Delivery is similar, 4 days, courier to the apartment. Good, standard packaging, included and everything works clearly, I hope for a long time and for Joy will work. Seller and I recommend everything!!!

  14. K***a

    It went for a long time, the box was slightly crumpled, but the humidifier did not suffer. Everything works, it works. Instruction in Chinese, but you can understand without it. The seller put in a box an adapter for a Russian outlet. Very satisfied with the purchase.

  15. R***v

    It came quickly, I advise the seller, forged goods

  16. S***i

    Works normally, not noisy. Delivery is very long.

  17. L***a

    Quiet, roomy and water pour through the top! I bought on reviews, very satisfied, delivery to the door, I will order now only this!

  18. R***s

    Product arrived fast and not taxed working perfectly

  19. S***h

    Пришло быстро. Коробка целая. Работоспособность не проверяли, ТК купили в подарок.

  20. A***v

    It went for a long time and is not tracked, it came in a mint package, but not broken. Put it running… Gives cool steam, the water roams. Chinese plug with adapter

  21. L***a

    Excellent shparit) a few days as delivered, immediately unpacked) and works

  22. Shopper

    Thanks to the seller when he informed me that the parcel is on my post office!
    Everything is fine and on time) all good day!

  23. A***v

    Cool thing, delivery courier-10 days. You can take it.

  24. S***v

    To the Krasnodar Territory a month and a half! No tracking! Everything works properly!

  25. M***v

    When turned on, the socket turns on into a mode set by a rotary regulator-I.E. Can be used with smart sockets and external humidity sensors. The water is poured from above, the container is conveniently removed.

  26. D***n

    Fast delivery. Working well, relatively quiet.
    large water tank. If any problems will update the review.

  27. A***h

    Everything is super and easy. But I recommend taking a new model with the ability to connect to a cellular. Otherwise, if there is no humidity sensor, then you can not know what humidity is in the room.

  28. K***s

    The goods came damaged, the packing is all crumpled, the seller refuses to return

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