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Electric Smart Sonic Toothbrush



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Electric Smart Sonic Toothbrush

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Electric Smart Sonic Toothbrush

XIAOMI Electric Toothbrush T500 Main Features

The gentle advanced sonic technology gives you the confident smell and fresh breath every morning.Xiaomi Sonic Toothbrushoffers optimal comfort with a truly deep clean for you with its high-efficiency magnetic levitation motor and high-density planting brush. The brush can clean your teeth and gums, whiten your teeth, prevent tooth decay, remove plaque, coffee stain and calculus. Use the standard clean mode to complete your everyday tooth cleaning route, or the gentle mode to take care of your gum health. You can use the APP to customize the cleaning mode ( brushing time, brushing strength, and other functions ) according to your daily habits and special needs. The 6 built-in high-precision sensors can detect your brushing gesture, and record the brushing area and the stay time, and the APP will analyze the data to give your the brushing score.

Detailed parameters

MIJIA Sonic Electric Toothbrush T500

Smart teeth protection

High frequency vibration magnetic levitation motor, brush clean

Intelligent over-pressure reminder, not hurting gums

Rust-free, metal-free brush head, clean and efficient Electric Smart Sonic Toothbrush

Magnetic levitation acoustic wave motor, strong power, clean

Intelligent over-pressure reminder for sensitive gums

Customized model to meet multiple needs

Recognize cleaning and learn to brush properly

Rust-free and metal-free brush head, safer and more efficient Electric Smart Sonic Toothbrush

High frequency vibration magnetic levitation acoustic wave motor, strong power, efficient teeth cleaning

The second-generation magnetic levitation acoustic wave motor independently developed by the German and Japanese experts has a vibration frequency of 31,000 times / minute, which is powerful and easy to remove stains.

After the motor upgrade, the volume is smaller, the noise is lower,

the vibration is smaller, and the brushing experience is more comfortable.Tookfun

31,000 vibrations / minute

The first generation magnetic levitation motor has a thicker and long diameter of 20mm

and the second generation magnetic levitation motor has a smaller and small diameter of 18mm. Electric Smart Sonic Toothbrush

10 ° stable swing for deep cleaning

The torque force output keeps the bristles at a stable swing of 10 °,

driving the water and toothpaste foam in the mouth to form a small pulse force,

cleaning the gaps in the teeth, and cleaning the stubborn plaque. Electric Smart Sonic Toothbrush

Rust-free and metal-free brush head for more hygienic and efficient cleaning

The brush head does not contain metal copper, which does not rust and is more hygienic.Tookfun

The selected new hair implantation technology is different from the metal hair implantation process,

which keeps the brush head away from metal and avoids hidden dangers in the oral cavity. Electric Smart Sonic Toothbrush

The amount of hair on the brush head is increased by about 40%

The amount of hair on the brush head is increased by about 40%,

and the contact area between the bristles and the tooth surface is increased to make the tooth cleaning more efficient. Electric Smart Sonic Toothbrush

UV sterilization, vacuum packaging brush head

Carefully selected American DuPont soft bristles that meet the requirements. Each brush head is UV sterilized

and vacuum packed before leaving the factory to ensure that the brush head is safe and hygienic. Electric Smart Sonic Toothbrush

Wireless induction charging, battery life up to 18 days

You can use it for up to 18 days on a single charge. At the same time,

you can check the remaining power through the mobile phone APP to prevent the toothbrush from suddenly losing power. Electric Smart Sonic Toothbrush

Integrated body, IPX7 waterproof rating

It adopts multiple injection molding processes to achieve IPX7 waterproof rating. White matte design, simple and clean. Electric Smart Sonic Toothbrush

detail design:

Back anti-slip belt design

Seamless switch button design: no more worry about water immersion

Replaceable color ring at the bottom: health and hygiene prevent mixed use Electric Smart Sonic Electric Smart Sonic Toothbrush Electric Smart Sonic Electric Smart Sonic Electric Smart Sonic Electric Smart Sonic Electric Smart Sonic Electric Smart Sonic Electric Smart Sonic Electric Smart Sonic Toothbrush Electric Smart Sonic Electric Smart Sonic Electric Smart Sonic Electric Smart Sonic Toothbrush

26 reviews for Electric Smart Sonic Toothbrush

  1. A***v

    The product corresponds to the description. Delivery to St. Petersburg is not very fast, almost a month. The package in which the box was whole, however, the box is heavily jammed from one angle, it’s like it was dropped from high to high. Inside everything is whole, the brush works. Additional nozzles were not in the box, but in the package in which everything came.

  2. V***v

    Quality Branded, brought the courier home. With the seller did not communicate, delivery is fast. Recommend.

  3. V***e

    The parcel went-went and finally came. Delivery about a week longer than other goods ordered simultaneously. Track wasn’t tracked.
    Now about the brush, brush class. It’s unusual, but nothing critical. Cleans perfectly! A good option for “lazy” in the fact that often I will fart when cleaning my teeth and somewhere cleaning is not as good as I can. With this cheek all that from me it is necessary to simply conduct on the surface of the teeth, no additional seasonings. With the application came into contact once or twice. It has a lot of useful information about brushing teeth, but the functions are not particularly. It’s clear, it’s a toothbrush!)

  4. c***c

    Cool brush. It was really very long.

  5. J***n

    второй раз заказываю. все отлично. коробку помяли ток

  6. S***y

    Всё отлично, работает без всяких проблем… Однозначно рекомендую и товар и продавца…

  7. I***k

    22 день до Днепра. Всё целое, рабочее и в полной комплектации. После полного разряда залил 1269 mAh, максимальный ток 0,1 A. Из этого понятно, что там довольно слабый аккумулятор на 1200 mAh. Всё связалось с телефоном и чистит. Покупкой доволен. Возникнут проблемы, позже допишу.

  8. K***S

    доставка около месяца, чистить ещё не пробовала

  9. J***i

    Paczka doszła dość szybko (14 dni).
    Włącza się i działa, jeszcze nie używana więc dam znać jak się sprawuje.
    Jedyny mały minus za brak ładowarki w zestawie…

  10. e***e

    Arrived neo schedule, well packed. A first use the product looks great, remains to be verificarne in time duration.

  11. Y***n

    It came quickly. Cleans well. It is a pity that the instruction is only in Chinese.

  12. I***v

    The goods correspond to the quality. Delivery is very long, it was about two months. Shipping is not tracked.

  13. S***n

    Very not familiar, cleaning takes me personally a lot more time. Sometimes you get a female part on the teeth is not very pleasant. On the teeth where there is a more detailed feeling that it can open it with such vibration. I could not connect to the application yet. And every day to clean if there is probably nothing left of the teeth, although it can be safe. Someone in general, teeth massage this at all how!?) I think the purchase is not quite necessary. The price of the brush 2833 rubles came quickly. Packed neatly, beautifully. The water brush is not afraid of mine under the water stream.

  14. E***a

    Despite the fact that I did not receive a brush, I had good impressions of the seller’s work. All the time in touch, the tracking number in sdeca sent, and the goods were tracked. Here the brush arrived in Moscow, and there safely broke up …. The seller immediately offered to open a dispute and immediately agreed to return the money. Except for the brush, I bought other goods in this store, they were all good, the delivery time was less than a month, too, sdek.

  15. M***o

    I order the second brush. This time, my wife. Excellent copes with cash

  16. K***o

    The brush is good. Ends up with Mi Home without problems. The parcel is not tracked, at such a price-not forgiving, but it came normally.

  17. S***y

    Teeth clean, what else is needed. Connected to mi home immediately, updated software. Minus-color rubber for the difference of the brush is attached to the base. That is for two people to buy two brushes. Or a nozzle to mark something for difference.

  18. R***

    Thank you, they are working very well. It was very quick too. Iam very happy with them.

  19. M***s

    Quick delivery, all OK, works nice, I like it, recommend.

  20. A***s

    Funny, but it seems to me that the cheek was improved. In any case, it changes the intensity of the humming during operation. And the charger does not match the size of the former

  21. B***r

    It’s my third order. I’m contendent.

  22. Shopper

    Very fast shipping & delivery, product consistent with the description

  23. S***o


  24. S***o


  25. S***o

    The brush is excellent, perfectly packed, quickly sent, but went for a long time for which thanks to the Russian Post. Seller recommend.

  26. b***r

    работает, отправили быстро, трек номер не отслеживался, в остальном все хорошо.5 из 5

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