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Nano Mist Sanitizer 7
Nano Mist Sanitizer



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Nano Mist Sanitizer

(31 customer reviews)


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Nano Mist Sanitizer

A nano diffuser is the smartest way to carry Sanitizer.

You can use it on all surfaces without a problem: your mobile phone, your keys, elevator buttons, electronic devices, poles on public transportation… even your clothes or and groceries before storing them.

• Alcohol or disinfectant, you choose: You can fill the tank with alcohol or liquid sanitizer (always 100% liquid). Spray until you feel the object is covered, it doesn’t have to be wet.

• Use it whenever: The nano diffuser is battery-operated. Fill it up, charge it with the included USB and use it as many times as you want.

• Suitable for technological devices: Its vaporization system sanitizes without producing droplets that can damage technological devices.

• It’s always with you: The device only weighs 50 grams and fits in your pocket.

• Save on sanitizer: Nano’s technology sprays liquid into nanoparticles, which allows you to sanitize more surfaces with less liquid. Nano Mist Nano Mist Nano Mist Nano Mist Nano Mist Nano Mist Nano Mist Nano Mist Nano Mist Nano Mist Nano Mist Nano Mist Nano Mist Nano Mist Nano Mist Sanitizer

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Additional information



Power (W)


Voltage (V)




Humidification Method

Mist Discharge

Water-shortage Power-off Protection



Oxygen Bar




Classic Columnar



Humidity Control






Model Number

PXQ152, Face Spray

Mist Outlet Quantity


Power Type



Cool-Mist Impeller Humidifier, Face Steamer

Timing Function




Mist Output (gallon / day)


Humidifying Capacity


Operation Method



Facial Sprayer


Facial Steamer


Mini Steamed Face Humidifier

31 reviews for Nano Mist Sanitizer

  1. G***i

    The Humidifier is arrived fast and whole whole. Already tried. Funzipna many well. I vredo which I will buy again one for my lady.

  2. e***e

    It came very fast! Included Included is another cord for recharging. When charging glows red, it works Blue. Blows cold steam. His work is doing great!

  3. S***l

    I received the diffuser and have used to humidify my nose.

  4. A***o

    Fully complies with the description and photos. Suddenly small. When it works-eating (still ultrasound). Flows perfectly-a jet of about 35-40 cm. The battery was enough for 3 full refills and did not discharge completely. The seller’s receipt. Product-recommend.

  5. G***O

    I received product, good quality but I still don’t test it

  6. Shopper

    fantastic seller chould of done with packaging as all them come scratched

  7. Shopper

    Shipment dotarła me entirely I am very satisfied with your purchase and services in the customer service waszym store online all is OK recommend all your shop as a very positive dzeki. Device not yet sprawdzałem as sprawdzę it odezwę

  8. n***k

    Daughter is happy

  9. H***t

    Köszönöm szépen

  10. A***r

    It works and it’s so cute and comes with a charger!!

  11. I***n

    Good humidifier, Fine packaging, Fast delivery, Excellent Seller!!!+++++

  12. Shopper

    very good

  13. N***A

    Funny device. Of course draws water quickly, but steam is powerful. I like it

  14. I***f

    Shipped was very quick, and it’s really good product

  15. A***i

    SUPER !!! Recommend very

  16. A***a

    I waited very, very log for the product. I have a simmilar one but I wanted to have a second one. The pink one was my choice. it looks very good and it works fine! I love it. great for beach or hot summer.. or just so 🙂

  17. m***m

    Shvidko came, Prague dough of good

  18. V***a

    It’s just an amazing little thing. The sensation on the face is simply gorgeous relaxes and cools the eyes. I apply hyaluronic acid to the skin and then throughout the day I spray water on the face so all day hyaluronic acid retains a lot of water on the surface of the skin. Of course be very careful to drop it in no case. And it was packed in the usual package with guns. No additional layer with puff film. The good hit could have hurt, but it all came. I am very happy and unequivocally recommend because the spray is very-very high quality spraying with fog. So small droplets as cold steam!

  19. P***a

    Finally Arrived after 1 1/2 month delivery . working condition

  20. R***m

    Good product, miniature, spray well. Seller recommend.

  21. I***a

    The humidifier is great. Upon receipt was slightly charged, it was enough to try. It seems that it does not turn off after 1 minute, Pachet until the water is over. In general, I’m very pleased. It is a pity that delivery to Moscow took 40 days, very long. I’m happy with the goods, I recommend the seller.

  22. Shopper

    Bon produit

  23. M***K

    Zamówiłam second time and now shipping was fast. Recommend product and salesman.

  24. P***v

    Thank you very much, the order is executed quickly and qualitatively, an excellent seller!

  25. V***f


  26. m***n

    Beautiful cool steam

  27. a***r

    wow its cool item ever

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