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Portable Electric 3 Head Flex Razor

(37 customer reviews)


Portable Electric 3 Head Flex Razor

MIJIA Electric Shaver S500 Main Features

* The Xiaomi electric shaver adopts the 360-degree floating system and 3 blades.

* It can adapt to various facial contours and leave no stubble in the corner.

* The dicyclic knife net design and the waterproof characteristic give users a better shave experience.

* IFT suspension floating decompression. More comfortable

* Dicyclic Knife Net Dicyclic Blade

* Double-layer blades for a cleaner and more thorough shave

* ECM electrochemical processing technology,the cutter head is wear-resistant.

* Acceleration mode Deep Cleansing

* LED digital display,4 major functions display

* IPX7 is completely waterproof

* Charge for 2 hours and run for 60 Minutes

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Detailed parameters

Mijia Electric Shaver S500

3 cutter heads floating at 360 °, IFT suspension floating decompression, Type-C charging Portable Electric 3 Head Flex Razor Portable Electric 3 Head Flex Portable Electric 3 Head Flex Razor Portable Electric 3 Head Flex Portable Electric 3 Head Flex Razor Portable Electric 3 Head Flex Razor Portable Electric 3 Head Flex Razor Portable Electric 3 Head Flex Razor Portable Electric 3 Head Flex Razor Portable Electric 3 Head Flex Razor Portable Electric 3 Head Flex Razor

37 reviews for Portable Electric 3 Head Flex Razor

  1. E***n

    The razor is super. My stiff bristle was done. The truth is better to use with the machine, for a perfectly smooth shaving. Recommend

  2. P***s

    It looks very good quality, I just used it and it’s pretty neat

  3. M***v

    шла долго, около месяца в Ульяновск
    бритва хороша, после старой дешманской сеточной, бреет немного лучше, нужно ещё привыкнуть
    продавец отзывчивый, отвечает быстро и хорошо
    пока доволен продуктом

  4. 1***1

    The parcel came in 26 days. I think it’s fast. Came charged at 99%, packed well, the husband shaved everything he liked.

  5. A***n

    Все отлично, до квартиры доставил курьер СДЕК, все как заявлено, полный комплект, заряжена на 99 %. По итогам использования дополню отзыв.

  6. Shopper

    Buena relación calidad / precio. Llevo usando una afeitadora rotativa de batería Philips desde hace 16 años, y esta afeitadora Xiaomi MIJIA S500 afeita mejor. No creo que me dure tanto, pero para comprar una afeitadora Philips de esta calidad, tendría que gastar unos 80-120€.
    Me ha tardado en llegar a España 15 días.

  7. Shopper

    Good product. I had the old one, which works well. I hope this one of the same results. Looks like this tour faster.

  8. V***k

    For gift senior show order from other seller, the box is clearly pounded to the border, and otherwise how can you pump and spend so much time

  9. M***v

    Хорошая бритва, спасибо продавцу и производителю бренда Xiaomi )))

  10. E***v

    Бритва пришла. Всё супер, продавец молодец. На контакт быстро выходит. Коробка чуть помята была, но это вина почтовой службы. Попробовал: бреет норм.

  11. A***h

    Бритва шла почти месяц в г.Лиду(Беларусь).Доставил курьер домой(CDEK).Заряд 99%.Попробовал на недельной щетине- немного щиплет.Позже попробую на маленькой щетине.А так всё отлично.

  12. I***r

    Бритва очень хорошая! Продавец общительный, отвечал на все вопросы, а вопросы были. Посылка в пути 48 дней, трек не отслеживался. Пришла в Тамбов с Подольска в Русском пакете,Китайский с пупыркой внутри, на Китайском не написали улицу и дом. Если по индексу пакет пришёл бы на почту, то доставили бы и без улицы. Коробка не помята, бритва заряжена на 98% Работает. Покупал сыну на день рождения, опаздала на 1 день. Качество отличное, в руке удобно, зарядка от USB. Рекомендую товар и продавца. Ставлю 5 звёзд.

  13. A***n

    The product corresponds to the description. Delivery to the Sverdlovsk region month. Track wasn’t tracked. Packing is good, all whole and working. Recommend

  14. A***n

    The goods came quickly. the packing is good. Shaved right away. Of course, the razor is cleaner, but also burn the quality is good. Fast and convenient. I do not know how it will be with wet shaving, but whether it’s worth it, then lutche razor. Buy tapes at a great price!!!

  15. H***a

    It’s a pretty good product. It is lightweight but feels well build and looks nice. I already tried to shave my face and worked very well. You are getting an excellent product for the price. It has nothing to envy of other shavers even more expensive.
    The store took about a week to dispatch the product, but shipping time to my country was fast.

  16. I***s

    The track was tracked throughout the way, corresponds to the description, packed well, believed everything works fine. I recommend this product and seller!

  17. R***h

    Pisdato, shits on Golo, arrived quickly 2 weeks I’m ahuel

  18. M***y

    The goods of their money are definitely worth it! Recommend!
    But, will not suit those who shave less than in two days-will pull, apparently does not cope with bristles from 3 or more days.
    The first time was cut out for 41% charges.
    Charged completely, now I shave, I hope to cut out as expected at 1% charge)
    Let’s see.

  19. K***r

    The razor is good, it’s shaving well, it’s not buzzing much. I thought micro yusb will do, it turns out here its own size

  20. N***a

    Excellent razor, delivered straight home within a week, you can choose delivery from Russia, pre-called. My husband is delighted. It’s a clean shave. The razor is mobile. The set includes charging, but without a plug in the outlet. I advise 100% there is a convenient charge indicator. And the price is super, took for 2700, and we have such from 4000 and also blades on a floating basis. Which is very convenient according to the husband. And the most important thing is to shave not on dry, but with foam

  21. R***n

    Got this technique yesterday. Turned on works) as a log I will write later. I received it at the office of the SDEC since I wasn’t home when the courier was supposed to come. Said he ‘d leave it at the extradition point. A few hours later I came in and got this razor. Came on the 4th day.
    Conveniently lies in the hand. Quiet. Came with a 97 percent charge. In the complete set there is a brush for cleaning. Cable Type C. Instruction in Chinese)

  22. M***v

    A clear razor, ordered as a gift to his father for his birthday. Delivered 4 days before Kaliningrad. The packaging is good, was charged at 97%, discharged testing all functions. Works almost quietly, the charge holds worthy. I advise you to buy for this price. Let’s see how it will shave but judging by the reviews it seems good, I myself shave T-shka so I can not objectively evaluate.

  23. A***o

    Delivery a couple of days, one shave took 13 percent of a hundred, and now essentially, 5 years shaved Panasonic ES RT 53 always on dry so Xiomi drains Panas on all points, less qualitatively logs, jerks hairs more often and makes irritation on the neck, I’ll try with the cream if there are no improvements I’ll send Xiomi to the shelf or, I will replace in Panama the dead battery and for another five years with shaving will not have any problems, to all who shaved until now Brown or Panas with such a type of knives to purchase this razor do not recommend, will be disappointment, As the first electro-take is made qualitatively and beautifully lies well in the hand, all the good, the seller is handsome.

  24. E***a

    Cool razor. Delivery by sdecom for almost a month. And the cover for this razor I ordered the same day, and the cover came in a week. It’s not like a normal machine, of course. But for everyday shaving with a small bristle-will go. Took with 2 blades. For 3 800 rubles.

  25. S***v

    Excellent goods, received instantly, the courier delivered to the door! Immediately checked the razor in work-Xiaomi, which does not do, already a lot of goods of this company, the razor is excellent, it came charged at 99 ℅, I liked it, it works quietly, the log was clean-it spent two percent on the day bristle. You can order as a gift. The only negative is the instruction in Chinese. But in the pictures, everything is clear. The seller honestly earned 5 *.

  26. V***v

    The razor is excellent, it logs smoothly and does not pull, it works quietly, the weight is light, the quality is good! The parcel came without damage in 24 days from China.

  27. S***

    The razor came very quickly, courier to Bryansk in 5 days. The seller sent the goods immediately. The number is not tracked, wrote to the seller-immediately reacted and sent the track number. Externally without any complaints, the goods were charged and well packed. After use, I will add a review.

  28. E***k

    Everything, excellent, thank you, came quickly and the goods are satisfied

  29. P***n

    Ordered 11.11 brought to postomat in Rostov-on-Don in 4 days. This is my first electric shaver. For a very long time I doubted buying or not, I was afraid to throw out money to the wind, that does not fit as I have very sensitive skin. If the machine shave on the second day, then you can die of loss of blood due to numerous cuts and scratches. It is carried out to shave a maximum of 2 times a week. But this razor is just a find! No irritation even with shaving every day. I’m delighted. It was a solid four, but it was expected, at 5 you can only machine.
    Definitely recommend! Already bought replaceable blades for the future.

  30. I***n

    It came in 4 days! It’s okay, just a Chinese manual. First impression is good. Previously used a mesh Panasonic, but the bristles grow in different directions.

  31. R***b

    Order received quickly, external
    The view corresponds, when turned on shows a charge of 98 percent, the instruction on the Chinese, the warranty card does not. After shaving I will add a review

  32. A***n

    For the price you have it is very good, you have to be careful not to squeeze too much because it irritates the skin, but it usually goes very well. The battery, in my case, gives me for about 10 shaved with one charge, and it came with a spare head.

  33. S***a

    The quality of the assembly is excellent, it’s not bad that bristles play a role. Generally normal.

  34. A***v

    Excellent electric shaver, came very quickly. It’s a good shave, not a super duper of course, I just did not use Electros for a very long time-allergies. But this razor doesn’t have a face painting. I tried only on dry. Later I’ll try wet, unsubscribe. I recommend the razor, as well as the entire range of the company Xiaomi. Sell respect!

  35. N***n

    Very fast shipment, in five days from the moment of payment has reached the area in the Smolensk region, works well, charged for 99%, instruction in Chinese, and so everything is super, with a promotional code cost 2230

  36. A***o

    After status received, the seller immediately reduced the protection period from 42 to 2 days, tolcom and can not test, for this would put 4.5, but in fact the razor as a razor, before this, there were no razors like this, it’s a pity there is no trimmer, it’s not as clean as after the blade
    One Plus, you can shave right in the shower, and rinse completely everything… The charge holds well, already 4 weeks at least with delivery, three times a week on the…

  37. A***U

    Cool razor, everything is fine! Delivery 39 days (sdek, bypassing chumvoe Minsk customs and belpochya), which is very pleased. A good store, the seller is responsible-I recommend! Thank you!!!

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