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Aroma Essential Oil Humidifier



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Aroma Essential Oil Humidifier

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Aroma Essential Oil Humidifier

How to use?

1. Lift up the cover
2. Put the sponge into the water for 3-5 minutes
3. Add water and Water-soluble oil (only 3 drops)
4. Insert the power cable


1. Don’t add too much essential oil. and Only add water-soluble essential oils.
2. Add appropriate amount water, maximum water amount is 300ml.
3. Don’t make the humidifier lost balance, or the water will spill over

Maintenance instruction

Regularly clean cotton swabs and Change cotton swabs, you must add the spring wire with the cotton swabs, because there will no mist come out if without the spring wire.
please clean the atomizer plate with medical alcohol regularly.

19 reviews for Aroma Essential Oil Humidifier

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Aroma Essential Oil Humidifier 7
Aroma Essential Oil Humidifier



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